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Al Farasha


Mid Eastern and fusion music for listening and dancing! Features some of Portland's amazing and beautiful belly dancers such as Sedona and Belinda.

Meaning "butterfly" in Arabic, Al Farasha performs traditional pieces from the Golden Era of Egypt and the Middle East, 1940s to 1970s, with a few even older folk songs thrown in. They also write a lot of Mid Eastern-inspired original music, fused with elements of jazz, Gypsy, funk, soul, and hip hop. The music of Al Farasha transports us to ancient times and gives us a glimpse into the cradle from which all Western music evolved.

Comprised of some of Portland's most accomplished musicians in the international folk arts, Al Farasha has entertained audiences at festivals, weddings, night clubs, and stages. The music is epic and exciting, emotional, engaging and often FUNKY!!

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