Songs for Human Evolution

Portland-based composer and multi-instrumentalist Belinda Underwood sings original tales about life on Earth, while playing the baritone ukulele and keyboard bass pedals with her feet.  

Belinda got her early musical training in Classical violin and Jazz upright bass, then spent her adult years continuing musical studies around he world, picking up other instruments along the way. She artfully blends the musical elements of her training along with folk and world music influences to create a sound uniquely her own.  A believer in music without the borders created by genres, Belinda writes equally passionately about love and human evolution as she does trees and animals, using a clever wit to reveal the interconnectedness of all things.  

“…the emotional thrust of her vocals and the lyrical imagery of her original songs are the product of a seasoned creative mind.”

-  Don Heckman, L.A. Times

  "… softly lyrical and intimate, sophisticated yet unassuming, contemplative but never ponderous…a very promising introduction to a young talent.”  

-   Marty Hughley, The Oregonian

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